Not too much time ago, i was reading an article from Jeff Atwood that was talking about Software Developers and their portfolios (the article can be found here). The bottom line of his article was that portfolios is not something that only designers should have, it’s something that we, developers, can have. So i decided to create my own portfolio. I pretty sure it’s not as exciting, or mind blowing as the portfolio of a graphic designer, or a photographer but heck, it’s my work and i like it being there.

There are two reasons why you should put up a portfolio on the web, the first is to attract employers and make them notice you; you have to stand up from the crowd somehow, and that’s a good way to do so. The second reason, and the most important for me, is to interact with other people that do the same job with you, developers in my case. Putting up your portfolio is a good opportunity to get valuable feedback from others, make new connections out there and even inspire others to do something similar.

So yeah, go ahead create your own portfolio and let us know what you’ve been working on lately, cause after all we all love our work and we want inspiration and innovation and good code floating around the web. It doesn’t have to be perfect, a simple yet elegant design is more than enough most of the time. Take a look at my portfolio, let me know what you think, and also take a look of some other Software Developers portfolios that i found on the web and i liked them.