I always thought that in order to learn something you have to always have an end game, a target. So, in order to learn more about socket.io and expressJS i made that simple chat service. The idea came as i was talking to my mother and we wanted a simple way, without any kind of registration or anything to chat. So one click of the button and you can start typing immediately. That’s what this project is all about.

I have to admit that the basic functionality took me an afternoon. Working with ExpressJS and Socket.io is a breeze. It took me more time to configure Nginx (the server that serves the site) rather than anything else. Also I used bootstrap (the CSS only), because it’s so easy.

More things to come soon are:

  • Audio
  • Screen share
  • Better style possibly

Stay tuned. In the meantime check it out here!! You can find the code at Github.