Morning commute is boring and in London it tends to be crazy too. In order to spend that time more productively and make it enjoyable I listen to tech podcasts. That way i get to catch up with tech news, and learn a ton of things from people that have spend years in the industry.

In order to like a podcast I’m usually looking for the same things. First, people that speak clear, not fast and make sense. Second a team that doesn’t argue, yell, tells offensive stuff etc. I listen to these podcasts to get inspired, not get miserable. So, feel good, knowledgeable people are a must. Finally i tend to avoid podcasts that are too long simply because I won’t be able to finish them in a day, and if i don’t next day i won’t remember everything in their conversation. Based on the above criteria, these are my favorites.

###1. Accidental Tech Podcast This is by far my favorite podcast of all. It’s presented my Marco Arment, John Siracusa and Casey Liss (who the hell is Casey??). They make a great team, all three of them are very successful and Marco is the super successful freelance developer that everyone loves to hate because he manage to get rich by writing code, and the rest of us didn’t (yet). The theme of the podcast is mostly Apple related developing, objective-C, general tech news and John talking often about how Apple should move on to another programming language. You can’t go wrong with ATP. Listen to it.

###2. The talk show with John Gruber If you know the daring fireball you probably know John Gruber as well. If not, John is a blogger, the creator of MarkDown (that this blog is written on) and of course daring fireball. In his podcast he talks with all sorts of Tech people, for things like Apple developing, Orange Juice, Tech news (mostly Apple), coffee and all sorts of stuff. Most of his shows are amazing and very very informative.

###3. Hanselminutes by Scott Hanselman Hanselminutes is my recent favorite. Scott is working for Microsoft (which is a pleasant difference after some many apple guys in the my podcast list), he is involved with open source projects and he has an amazing sense of humor. I really like his podcasts, they are quality. My favorite so far, that i urge you to listen, is talking with a blind woman that works in the tech industry. She gave amazing insight of what problems she’s dealing with as a blind person on the web and what can we do to improve the experience for people that are visually impaired. Amazing.

###4. Debug I’m not a regular on Debug, but I’m following it and listening to it when an interesting person is on the show. It’s being presented by Guy English and Rene Ritchie, and it’s an interview style podcast. Sometimes Guy can come across as aggressive but he’s knowledgeable nonetheless and overall the podcast has some very good interviews worth listening to.

###5. JavaScript Jabber I love JavaScript and that podcast is exactly what i was looking for. In the show you can listen to famous and non famous people, from the tech industry, but every time they will talk about new, interesting things that are hot in the JavaScript land now. Things like the MEAN stack episode or the episode with Nicholas Zakas are very good examples of this podcast. If you like JavaScript this is a must.

####Other things that i listen.