Recently I started a new job. This brings an entire host of new habits to build and things to get adjusted to. One of these things is the fact that my commute shrunk by a lot, sco now I have no time to read in the train. This is a good problem to have, but still one to find a solution to.

The way my commute works right now is 15 minutes in the train, 15 minutes walk to work (roughly). I also found out myself listening to podcasts during that time. So it dawned on me that instead of podcasts I can switch to audio books. I did start with Atomic Habits and so far I’m loving it. To top up my reading/listening time I also started to listen to the book during my runs. Works great.

The big question is though where do people get their audio books? I feel the most common answer to this is audible. The problem I had with audible in the past though is that you get 1 book per month for 15$ but sometimes you might not finish it in the month. Also I really try to cut down the monthly subscriptions. It adds cognitive load for me to keep tracking them. It’s also a great way to bleed money without realizing it. So I opted for Apple books.

The pricing is also very good. Atomic habits on amazon without audible costs 15£ whereas on Apple books is 7£. So for almost the same price of audible I got a book without the stress of the deadline of reading it in a month, neither the cognitive load of a subscription. Totally recommended.